CP – is a creative team of specialists, innovators and inventors. We analyze the world trends and the newest technologies in the sphere of multimedia.

The innovative solutions of interactive art installations are based on multimedia platform GCP v1. GCP v1- is a software solution for real-time visualization of 3D graphics, and the combination of virtual and real images: interactive portals, virtual worlds with elements of "implantation" of real characters, etc. The convergence of advanced technology and creativity in creating interactive art installations allow you to create large-scale entertainment projects.

The basic characteristics of our projects’ of multimedia solutions are : innovative approach, multi-screen visualization, unique and interactive content, multi-formatting engines, atmosphere that inters into the event theme, the attendance effect, wow-effect. All these and not only solutions, may be done by unique systems that are embedded into the GCP v1 platform.

First person

  • Сергей Баженов
    Sergey Bazhenov President
  • Aleksey
    Aleksey Shutov General Director
  • Irina Subbotina Head of financial department
  • Elena Vasilkova Head of cultural affairs department
  • polinaPolina Karasik Art-director
  • Yuriy Shulga Head of programming department
  • Maxim OvchinikovHead of IT-department

HSC (hardware-software complex)

The GCP is the developer of software and hardware, in order to create a unique, scalable, real-time high-resolution multi-screen content 16 K.

The GCP software platform

The GCP v1 – is high quality product, which was developed on the basis of advanced technologies in the sphere of multimedia. The software significantly enhances the production level of integration between own hardware and software and tracking technology of realistic environment projection, broadcast, display with high texture and depth. The software integrates three-dimensional virtual objects, graphics into 3D, or other materials for graphic video content demonstration at video walls to show the high resolution of 16K, with a single unit, so the system allows output the video signal with graphics capabilities.

Know-how – is an integration of design idea into high quality solution

The unique interactive visualization technology was developed in Russia for the first time. This kind of technologies is used in professional industry complex and advanced technologies of television broadcast video and graphics, accompanied by a real time 3D graphic content, which is calculated by the highest digital circuits.

GCP Mobile TV Studio

By means of Broadcast Studio, becomes possible to implement various solutions in complexity from simple to full-scale studios.